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Aggregate Mining

Cowin & Company, Inc. is a leader in the development of new underground stone and aggregate mines. Our experience includes greenfield underground mine construction and the development of underground mines from existing open pit quarry operations.These projects often require highwall stabilization including scaling, rock fall netting, rock bolting, shotcrete and smooth wall blasting followed by the neat excavation of the portals, ground support and canopy protection as required.

Cowin can provide for initial mining development directly inside the portal or we can construct the ramps, tunnels and shafts required to access, extract and ventilate the lower mine level(s).  Cowin can provide for all the required equipment, materials as well as the trained & experienced labor & supervision for all the excavation, ground support, ventilation and other mining related activities required for the development and expansion of underground mines up to and including turn-key contract mining.

Underground aggregate mining can offer many advantages to surface mining including the elimination of overburden removal, reduced offsite dust, noise, visibility, and blasting exposure as well as the final reclamation cost.  Many factors specific to a deposit and a location affect the cost of underground stone mining.

Cowin & Company, Inc. can provide assistance with the determination of the value underground mining represents for your mining operation.

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