Projects - Highwall Stabilization

Projects – Highwall Stabilization

Cowin & Company, Inc. provides highwall stabilization in a wide range of ground conditions. The type of stabilization systems utilized are not only controlled by the condition of the rock but also the purpose of the stabilization (access to or along the base of the wall, maintaining the existing surface, insuring the stability of structures above the highwall to name a few) and the period of time the highwall needs to be maintained.

Cowin’s most common highwall stabilization projects are related to portal highwalls and travelways adjacent to rock cuts.

Our highwall projects typically begin with the scaling, clearing and inspection of an existing high angle rock wall or smooth wall blasting to prepare a more stable rock surface.

Based on the additional conditions observed in the inspection and the potential exposure of people and equipment to the potential modes of highwall failure, additional stabilization can be provided including rock bolting (spot bolting or pattern bolting), rock mesh with and without Shotcrete or Gunite, rock fall netting and the construction or installation of diversion structures.

In some cases, monitoring systems can also be establish for specific areas of concern. We have stabilized highwalls from10’ to 600’ high and surface areas up to 750,000 sf.


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