Projects - Slopes

Slope Construction and Rehabilitation

Construction of slopes and tunnels for mining purposes is one of the major sectors of our work.

We have constructed many miles of slopes of various sizes both from the surface to underground and underground from location to location. Lengths have varied from a couple of hundred feet to well over a mile. Configurations have been plain unlined for ventilation, with concrete floors for rubber-tired equipment and with rails for track- mounted equipment.


Slopes and access tunnels have been constructed for various companies to access underground workings with gradients varying from a fraction of 1% up to 100%.

Slopes for coal mines from the surface can be constructed as steep as 17 degrees, as wide as 28 feet, and as narrow as 14 feet and as high as 20 feet.  Slopes can be constructed with either “side by side” or “over and under” configuration.

Cowin can provide inclines and declines underground for inter-seam connection and development in the coal seam.

We also specialize in Drift work of all dimensions.  We drive drifts in mines throughout the country, specializing in fault-crossing and drifts through water-bearing zones.

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