RAISEBOR is the oldest and largest raiseboring contractor in the U.S. today, and is 100% American owned.

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce our raiseboring company and capabilities. The following web site pages will show you some of the past work our company has performed in contract raiseboring.

You will note from these pages that they concern the use of:

  • Atlas Copco 123RH, the most powerful raiseboring machine in the United States, can pull a 20’ diameter raise at 3,500’ and additional sizes up to 26′ in diamter to 2000′ in depth
  • Robbins 83RM raiseboring machine capable of 20’ diameter and 2,000’ deep
  • Ingersoll-Rand RBM7-SP-LH for 10-16’ diameter raises up to 800’ deep
  • Robbins 61R for 6’, 7’, and 8’ diameter raises
  • Robbins 41R for 3’, 4’, and 5’ diameter raises

For example, we have successfully completed projects which have included: 6’ diameter raises to a total depth of 2,250 feet; 9’ diameter to 1,800 feet; 12’diameter to 1,250 feet; 16.5’ diameter to 1,540 feet; 20’ diameter to 2,000 feet; and 26′ diameter to 1453′ in depth, just to mention a few.

Our complete line of equipment ( including high pressure air compressors, generators, rig-up trucks, etc.) and our strong financial position which enables us to bond our work, give us the capability to perform complete turn-key surface or underground shafts, including steel- or concrete lining, without relying on assistance from our customers or other construction companies.

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